Getting People to Accept Generic Medications

There are many people who are uncomfortable with generic medications. Among these are the individuals who believe that generic medications are ‘fake’. They therefore end up spending lots of money on ‘original’ medications, which they often can ill-afford, given their modest means. Incidentally, we see this trend mostly in third world countries, where the need for generic medications is greatest, given the people’s modest means. You may find a generic drug costing just 10% of what the ‘original’ costs. Yet the drugs have the same potency: the difference is just in brand names, and in the fact that the ‘original’ was manufactured in a western nation whereas the ‘generic’ is manufactured in a place like India.

It is really critical to get people to accept generic medications (especially the poor individuals in the third world nations who need such drugs the most). It is really hard to understand why these individuals often lack proper understanding of these crucial matters. Yet, with globalization, the level of awareness in these nations is often huge –  with some individuals even having access to satellite TV. So you find someone who, in spite of being a third world citizen, is still able to access the fxnetworks login page, sign in there, and view TV series on the FX Networks. Yet that very same individual lacks proper information on things that are of direct relevance to him – like, for instance, the potency of the generic medications in question here.

How then, can we get people to accept generic medications?

Well, a good place to start would be by getting the people to understand that medications are always based on ‘formulas’. And that the same formulas used in the manufacture of ‘original’ medications are the same ones that are used in the manufacture of the generic versions.

It is also important for the manufacturers of the generic medications to improve their packaging. That is because many people’s opinions are influenced by simple things, like packaging.

Doctors have a key role to play here as well. They are the ones who prescribe the medications, and it is their responsibility to get their patients to understand that the generic medications are just as good as the ‘originals’.

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