How to Maintain the Potency of Medications

If medications are not handled or stored in the right manner, it is very easy for them to lose their potency. When a medication loses its potency, it becomes less effective. It actually becomes hazardous. And if medications under your care happen to lose their potency, you are likely to be held responsible. You see, people will be getting the medications from you, under the belief that the medications would make them feel better – not knowing that the medications have already lost their potency. And if a pattern emerges where medications dispensed by you turn out to be ineffective, your reputation will suffer. Worse still, you could actually be prosecuted for giving people medications that turned out to be ineffective.

If you give people medications that lack potency, you will really have messed them up. Remember, many people have to work long and hard, for them to raise enough money to buy medications. Take, for instance, someone who is a member of staff at the United States Postal Service. So that is a person who gets paid via the USPS staff portal, at That is the portal through which USPS workers get their direct deposit. And so that is a person who has to sign up for work through the liteblue extranet. Surely, having worked so long and hard to raise enough money to afford medications, it would be a huge loss if he ended up getting medications that lack potency due to poor handling or poor storage.

Now if you want to maintain the potency of medications, you need to:

  1. Store them in cool places: many medications lose their potency when they are exposed to extreme heat. So you have to keep all medications in cool places. Some actually need to be refrigerated.
  2. Protect them from moisture: most medications will lose their potency (and perhaps become very hazardous) if you expose them to moisture.
  3. Protect them from direct sunlight: there are many medications whose potency will be adversely affected, if they come into contact with direct sunlight.

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