How to Minimize Medication Side-Effects

All medications have side-effects associated with them. I am yet to hear of a medication that is completely safe – one that has absolutely no side-effects. Therefore, while taking any medication, you do so knowing that you are likely to suffer some side-effects. You can’t avoid the side effects. But there are things you can do, to minimize them. And those things, that you can do to minimize medication side-effects, will be the focus of today’s article. Without further ado, if you want to minimize medication side-effects, you need to:

  1. Take the medications at the right dosages: you are (obviously) likely to suffer more side-effects if you overdose on the medications. So stick to the minimum effective doses.
  2. Take the medications at the right frequencies: like if, for instance, you are instructed to take the medications once every six hours, you need to avoid a situation where you end up taking consecutive doses after four hours. The objective here is to avoid ending up with too high a concentration of the medication in your body, leading to unpleasant side effects.
  3. Follow the medication usage instructions carefully: if, for instance, you are instructed to take the medications with plenty of water, do so – otherwise you will suffer more of the side effects. Or if you are told to take the medications on a full tummy, do so – or otherwise you will experience more of the side effects. Just try to follow the instructions carefully. There is surely no reason as to why you would fail to follow medication usage instructions. After all if, for instance, you work for a company like Walmart, you are inclined to follow Walmart1login instructions carefully every time you wish to view your Walmart1 schedule. You should similarly be keen on following medication usage instructions more carefully – knowing that the stakes here are much higher.
  4. Use the right medication for the right purpose: like if, for instance, you decide to use a cough syrup to get ‘high’, or you decide to use a painkiller to numb emotional pain, you would be abusing the medication. And by so doing, you would be setting yourself up for nasty side effects in the long run.
  5. Talk to your doctor about the potential side effects: the idea here is to get the physician to explain to you what the potential side effects are, and whether there are other alternative medications you can use with fewer/less sever side effects.

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